Mass Effect 3….
Seventeen days left…..
Better be….
Shortened Mass Effect Challenge

Day One: Do you prefer Mass Effect, or Mass Effect 2?
Day Two: Favourite Companion(s) in Mass Effect
Day Three: Favourite Companion(s) in Mass Effect 2
Day Four: Favourite Story-line Mission.
Day Five: Favourite Loyalty Mission.
Day Six: Favourite Alien species.
Day Seven: Best piece of DLC.
Day Eight: Favourite Weapon(s)
Day Nine: Favourite antagonist.
Day Ten: Other game genres you’d like to see covered by Mass Effect.
Day Eleven: If one of the companions got a spin-off game. Which would you like it to be?
Day Twelve: Favourite Class in Mass Effect and in Mass Effect 2.
Day Thirteen: Least Favourite Companion.
Day Fourteen: What made you first want to play Mass Effect?
Day Fifteen:  What do you love most about Mass Effect?

Day 30 ~ Favorite book from the Series and favorite episode from the show

So at last I’m done. Challenge complete. With this I have completed the Song of Ice and Fire thirty day challange. It’s been a blast. Hopefully I can keep making posts that people like about the series or just some of the other stuff I like.

I wish I could answer this after A Dream of Spring, but I’d need a time machine. So far my favorite completed book is A Storm of Swords. I’m currently reading A Dance with Dragons so I don’t want to say it’s my favorite, but it probably will be. Until Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

As for the tv series…… I don’t know. I think I have to go with Fire and Blood. The episode after Ned’s false confession on the Sept of Baelor is one that really sets the stage for season 2. Some of the best moments with characters are when they learn he’s been beheaded. I’m not sure if Jon’s scene with Aemon is in this episode, but it was one of my favorite moments when I first watch the series and still is now.

So there. My favorite book and episode. Hope you enjoyed the challenge.

Day 29 ~ Lord of the Rings or A Song of Ice and Fire?

So… This question.

It’s actually really easy for me, A Song of Ice and Fire.

I never read Lord of the Rings until after Twin Towers came out as a movie. After I had read, watched, and listened to the Lord of the Rings it did hold a special place in my heart. It was great story, one of the best, but something in A Song of Ice and Fire is better.

ASoIaF is more real than Lord of the Rings, while maintaining more fantasy. No gods are in LotR, no bastards, no grand history of the world, etc… Granted, Tolkien did write a backstory for LotR, but he never really tied it to the books. It was a foundation he neglected. GRRM built his world from the ground up. Notable characters appear at the arival of the First Men in Westros with stories and connections that tie into the foundation and story of A Game of Thrones, and every story after.

I’ll always like LotR, and I still marathon all three movies once a year, but I’ve watched the show 5 times now. I’ve made my friends watch it, and some have even started to read the books like I have.

Day 28 ~ Give some advice to one of the characters.

Ok, so I’m about two hundred pages into ADWD so if you’re not there yet or this sounds stupid for people that are current on the series I appologize and worn of spoilery content:

Dear Dany,

I know you like being queen and all, and being blood of the dragon is great, but stop pushing away help because you’re scared of a prophecy. Half a world a way a woman is tearing her life to pieces to try to stop a prophecy that she can’t escape, but you could be different. Let your friends help you. Don’t turn away loyal followers for past weaknesses. Learn to forgive the people around you, and remember that though you are blood of the dragon, you are nothing without your children. You were a beggar in Quarth, but after you freed those slaves with Drogon’s fire and your Unsullied, you became a queen. Don’t mistrust everyone for fear of betrayl, but embrase your followers and request their help so when the betrayl comes, you will have men and women that love and respect you surrounding you to help.

                                                          With the greatest respect,


Day 27 ~ Top 5 favorite characters.

In order of Awesome….

Jon Snow - I’ve already raddled on as to why I like Jon in the past. Needless to say he is one of GRRM’s favorites and that is why he’s become so awesome in the books.

Tyrion Lannister - Always good for a laugh. Has the same kind of family dynamic as Jon, but he’s older and very involved in his southern family politics. His character is always fun to read, and even when it’s not it isn’t his fault. Where do whores go?

Jaime Lannister - Jaime climbed the ranks faster than anyone. In two books he bounded ahead of the pack and has become a greatly rounded character. He’s starting to shine his shit honor.

Daenerys Targaryen - Dany is a great example of a female character breaking out of the mold. She starts out oppressed by Viserys and forced to marry Khal Drogo. Then she turns her forced marriage into love, and seperates from her pathetic brother. After Drogo dies she doesn’t just sulk, give into grief, and go back to Vaes Dothrak. She burns the bitch that burned her and gives like to Dragons. Dany is probably one of the only female characters I’ve enjoyed reading in 6 or 7 years.

Oberyn Martell - spoilery! Poor Red Viper. You will be missed. But, for the time we had you we saw a very clever, powerful, and deadly warrior that only wanted revenge for his beloved sister. I’d say the Mountain sufured sufficiantly in the end. spoilery end! I wish he could have been a point of view character. His Sand Snakes are interesting, but they lack something that makes him unique I guess.

Day 26 ~ Give yourself a ASoIaF inspired name.

Fin Snow

Bastard black smith. Uses a hammer on the job and on the field.

Not opposed to using Valyrian steel edges though.

Day 25 ~ What character’s death would you be okay with?
Cersei Lannister
But I want Margaery or Qyburn to do it.

Day 25 ~ What character’s death would you be okay with?

Cersei Lannister

But I want Margaery or Qyburn to do it.

Day 24 ~ Who would you like to see battle it out?
Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton
I was going to say Lord Walder Frey, but I’m hoping Shaggydog and Rickon will do him the honor in The Winds of Winter. :D

Day 24 ~ Who would you like to see battle it out?

Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton

I was going to say Lord Walder Frey, but I’m hoping Shaggydog and Rickon will do him the honor in The Winds of Winter. :D

Day 23 ~ Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff - what would you do?

I’m a guy, I wouldn’t even…. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Ok. From a Unisexual stand point I will answer this question.

I would marry Tyrion,

Fuck Jaime,

and then throw Cersei of a cliff.

Now let me explain:

Tyrion is actually a very caring person.

Jaime is strong and on his way to good guy status

But Cersei Lannister is and will always be a stupid bitch that reached to high.

So there, if I was a woman, or their genders reversed, that’s how I’d do it.

Day 20 ~ What’s the most interesting thing about ASoIaF?

The never ending interest I find in Tyrion, Dany, and Jon. I like the other characters too, but George Martin wasn’t being daft when he wrote more for Jon, Tyrion and Dany than the others.