I understand…. *personal opinion*

The love for the phrase “Fire can not kill a Dragon”. But at this point people should have realized that Dany’s fireproof boddess is a thing of the past. GRRM has officially stated that her not becoming a crispy piece of bacon is a one time thing that isn’t a Targaryen super power.


This is backed up by Dany getting fried by Drogon’s fire in ADWD. She didn’t even get directly hit and her hair is gone and she’s burned all over her arms.

End Spoiler

I like Dany’s spitfire comments as much as the next guy, but this one is growing old, not strong.

Quick thoughts on Valyrian Steel…

It’s Dragon Steel.

It can kill/fight off the wights and White Walkers.

It is forged through magic, particularly Dragon Blood magic.

Lastly, a new sword forged from Daenerys’s dragons may be made before the end of the series.