Who would inherit the North….


For all those doubting Rickon or Brans claim, remember this. It is believed by everyone south of the Neck that Sansa is the last living Stark. She only has claim after the death of Bran and Rickon. So for southerners, Sansa is heir. She is under the control of Littlefinger, and doing nothing of her own accord, but she is heir in the eyes of the Andal kings.

To the Mandery’s the Stark boys are still alive. Bran being lost to obscurity, or being a tree, isn’t fit, so the rightful lord of Winterfell is Rickon Stark. Davos is sent to find him, and Lord Mandery promises his backing and much of the north if Davos can install Rickon as Lord Stark of Winterfell. He is hiding on Skagos and we don’t have anymore information then that on him. If he’s a cannibal or not will probably depend on if he’s on a diet of unicorns or prey Shaggydog catches. Cannibal or no, he’s still first in line over Sansa, and the Stark the North will rally behind.

Then, you have Robb’s letter sent to Howland Reed. If Robb legitimized Jon, or gave inheritance to any of his men, those people would be heir to Winterfell and the North. As Jon’s fate is rather vague after ADWD it is hard to say what could happen, but Jon could side with Stannis which he would then give Jon or whoever Jon appoints Lord of Winterfell those rights.

I’m expressing an opinion of mine, Sansa will never hold the North. If she knew her brothers were alive, she would never take their rights from them. She might marry Harry the Heir, but she herself will never claim the North for the Arryns or the Starks.


I have the right to voice my opinions, if you don’t like them, ignore them. If you agree you can like them. I’ll tag them how I please, and I’ll say what I want. Sansa is not Queen. She is not fit to rule. Bran and Rickon are questionable as well, but they have the claim so it doesn’t matter. Sansa is not the Queen in the North. She is not the Lord or Lady of Winterfell. She is a Stone right now. Nothing more.

Sansa isn’t Queen


She isn’t anything more than a bastard right now. Littlefinger may have his plans, but Bran is the rightful heir to Winterfell and all titles coming with it. That’s only if Robb didn’t name a successor other than Bran( Jon, Blackfish, etc…). Sansa isn’t a Queen. Isn’t a Lady or Lord. She is only the protector of her maidenhead currently. She is not the Queen in the North. And I doubt she ever will be.

Don’t get me wrong I like Sansa, but she is no more fit to be Queen then Cercei  or Robb, King.


Stop it. Just no.

Hey Fandom….

How are you going to feel when The Winds of Winter’s prologue chapter is from Hodor’s perspective?

Day 03 ~ Where would you want to live in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire?
I love the North. I love the cold. And I love the idea of Weirwood trees.

Day 03 ~ Where would you want to live in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire?


I love the North. I love the cold. And I love the idea of Weirwood trees.