Everytime I think of Tormund Giantsbabe Giantsbane

This song pops into my head. XD

Dawn speculation…..

Could be spoilery pre-Storm of Swords

I’m reading theories, and one is that Dawn is the original Lightbringer. I notice an argument against this is that the sword is “milk white” etc… But someone that would wield Lightbringer would probably be able to “pull a Dondarrion” and light the baby on fire.

spoilery pre-Dance with Dragons:

Either way I want to see Jon light a Longclaw up the way the Dondarrion lights up his sword to fight Sandor. Now that he’s probably going to be of the same condition as Dondarrion.

SanSan makes me sick….

But I respect your right to ship it.

The foreshadowing of Lady Stoneheart in the show…

Very, very subtle, but I liked it. :D

Everyone should be on the same page… The Series is call “A Song of Ice and Fire”

I just like to remind people of that sometimes….

Says it right on the mans website:

It happens

It happens